How will inmates of Lagos largest prison create justice?






Nigerian partners

The Public Interest Law Partnership (PILP), a public-private partnership conceived by the Lagos State Government, is the main partner of the project and responsible for the access to the Nigerian prison system. Importantly, the Informal Justice Court Project is part of the Prisoners Empowerment project hosted by LPILP which creates a solid base for a follow-up. From their network of 200 law firms they will recruit the lawyers who will do the pro bono work for the participating inmates.

PILP will also collect data, review the cases together with the lawyers and students, help record and document the proceedings in the project and have co-authored the Informal Justice Court provisional scalability report. Mrs. Funmi Ayeni is the executive director of PILP and heads her organisation in the project.

The Nigerian Correctional Services, the government agency in charge of prisons in Nigeria, will grant us permission and will provide a workshop space in the Ikoyi Correctional facility.

Prof. Tunji Azeez, Professor of Theatre, Film and Cultural Studies at Lagos State University (LASU) and experienced theatre maker, is a key partner in the project. As coach, he is responsible for the training of theatre skills and as author for the theatre play, together with his team of theatre makers. He is also a co-author of the Informal Justice Court provisional scalability report

Prof. Ayodele Atsenuwa, **Professor of law **and Deputy Vive-Chancellor of University of Lagos has taken part in the project at several moments, incluiding training the inmates (in Stage 2)

A key partner for showcasing the project in Nigeria is the African Artists’ Foundation, a leading non-profit organisation in Lagos dedicated to the promotion and development of contemporary African art. They will host the presentation of the project and help to promote it in the media.

A recently added important partner for the continuation of the informal justice court is the **Ola Alabi Foundation, **an Nigerian NGO that has been present in Ikoyi for many years dedicating itself to the use of theater as a tool for rehabilitation of inmates.

Nigerian partners.